• Fusion School is a school of lutherie.

  • Fusion School is located in Roma,
    via Riccardo Grazioli Lante 62.

  • Fusion School is a school of lutherie.

  • Fusion School is located in Roma,
    via Riccardo Grazioli Lante 62.

Fusion School is a school of lutherie.

Fusion School

Fusion School is a school of lutherie. It's located in Roma, via R. Grazioli Lante 62.
Fusion School was born in 2002 in luthier Franco Di Filippo's studio.
creating a new kind of course called "Full Immersion", truely one-of-a-kind in its genre. Through the years, the two luthiers have built with their students more than 400 instruments, counting electric, acoustic and classic guitars, electric and acoustic basses, baritone, gypsy and battente guitars, mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos. After attending the School's classes, some of the students have started a professional activity on their own, opening lutherie shops and laboratories.

Classes in Rome

Fusion School classes are held in Rome throughout the year, excluding August. In its main location the participants' individual needs are met by tayloring specific kinds of courses.
Every student is continually followed by one of the two master luthiers.
Contact us to evaluate together the best solution for your needs: franco.difilippo@alice.it - info@liutaiomagico.com

Classes in Giglio Island

Every year, in the month of June, Fusion School organizes two Full Immersion courses in the Giglio island, Tuscany, one of the most beautiful islands in the whole of Italy.
The lutherie classes are located in Camping Village Baia del Sole, hosting attendees in bungalows right by the sea.
Full Immersion cost is 2.300,00 Euros.
Master Class cost is 4.600,00 Euros.
Included are: 8 nights lodging in a bungalow overlooking the sea (no private toilet) including another guest's free stay for the whole course, all woods and building materials (including full hardware for electric instruments), a padded gig-bag for the full-finished instrument, certificate of attendance, direct and dedicated assistance throughout the course by the two luthiers.
Refer to the Village website, www.campeggiobaiadelsole.com, for more information, photo gallery/videos of location and bungalows.

Classes in June 2020:

       - from 7 to 13 June 
       - from 13 to 21 June 
       - from 7 to 21 June - Master Class

Contact for more info: franco.difilippo@alice.it - info@liutaiomagico.com

What is a full immersion course?

Thanks to "Full Immersion" teaching, Fusion School may claim to be the only School of Lutherie in the world able to bring a student to build a string instrument, from electric solid-body to fully acoustic, in just 7 days work.
By Full Immersion technique the student, starting from scratch and lacking any direct experience of lutherie, in 7 days is made able to build a great instrument, excellent by finishing and character, using blank, not pre-cut or already shaped wood.
It may sound impossible, but it has been made viable by thoroughly programming all building stages through the 7 working days and by carefully evaluating waiting time in gluing and finishing stages.
Afterwards, the student will be able to repeat all the building techniques on his own, building his second instrument without the help of a master luthier.

Attending a Fusion School course it's possible to build classical, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric basses, brazilian-style flat-back mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos, ukulele.

Contact for more info: www.fusionschool.it - franco.difilippo@alice.it - info@liutaiomagico.com